Russia’s collaborations on nuclear energy with African countries

Kulcsszavak: Russia, Africa, Rosatom, Nuclear energy, South Africa


In the recent period, the African continent has appreciated significantly, as shown by the competition between large and medium-sized powers such as the USA, China, Russia, the EU, Turkey, India, or even Japan. There is currently a population explosion on the continent, which has a negative impact (security challenges, increased migration), but also carries more economic opportunities. These include the development of energy industries in African countries, which is essential for economic development as well as for improving the living conditions of the population. There are several possibilities for this, such as the use of fossil energy sources, nuclear energy, or even renewable energy sources. The above-mentioned countries are trying to gain as much influence as possible in these areas, but Russia is also one of them, which has embarked on serious nuclear energy developments in several African countries as well.
In African countries, the Russian state-owned company Rosatom represents Russian interests, so the study focuses primarily on their activities.