African migration to the Canary Islands

Kulcsszavak: Canary Islands, illegal migration, migration, North Africa, migration routes, migration growth


In my research, I examine the issue of illegal migrants traveling to the Canary Islands. I present the number of flow figures and then analyze the results. In my research, I emphasize the choices of the African routes and their external influencing factors. Within the issue of flow, I look the effects of coronavirus in connection with the illegal migration, and how they handled the arising situation in 2020 on the islands, including the provision of asylum and asylum to African migrants.  I analyzed how the distribution of the population of the Canary Islands is formed between the islands in 2020, in which I highlight one of the future problems of the archipelago: the insenecence. In sum, and I am looking for a solution to the problem of the migration crisis in the Canary Islands, For that, I took into account the figures revealed in my research and the factors encouraging the willingness to travel.