The Future of eIDAS in the Light of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Kulcsszavak: digitális aláírás, elektronikus aláírás, kriptográfia, posztkvantum kriptográfia, informatikai biztonság


This paper examines the challenges and future of digital signatures, which are widespread today, and the electronic signatures based on them. Several electronic signature schemes have been defined worldwide; the European version is governed by the eIDAS Regulation. Electronic signatures based on public key cryptography currently in use will be compromised by high-performance quantum computers. In my article, the basic operation of electronic signatures is presented, and vulnerable points are identified. I shall furthermore cover the various recommendations to help the transition to the post-quantum era, NIST, ENISA, etc., which provide guidance on how to strengthen systems that are still operating in production environments against quantum attacks as long as standardized, quantum-safe public-key cryptographic primitives are on the way.